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We are committed to promoting the specialization of Traditional Chinese Medicine, empowering practitioners to excel in their respective fields of expertise, and providing patients with the most effective treatments.



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诚德中医专科连锁 NC TCM Specialist
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May Sin Yow
May Sin Yow
跟了吴医师一年了,从妇科... 问题到怀孕保胎,一直都是吴医师。吴医师人很好,每一次看诊讲解都很细心。每一次的针灸都会看近况了再下针,都是对症下药的。一直以来都有失眠的问题,针灸当晚都会睡的很好,谢谢吴医师。read more
Kinki Loo
Kinki Loo
吴医师很细心讲解,... 针灸治疗后,感觉身体有变好,很专业的团队read more
Jayne Pung
Jayne Pung
第一次看,也是第一次找徐... 医师,徐医师很健谈👍👍👍已经有改善我的腰部疼痛,感谢read more
Hui Hui
Hui Hui
我就是此事的受害者。对两... 位吴陈博士如此过分的所作所为感到非常心寒。堂堂一个博士医师,一个给的药把人家好好的身体害惨,到现在完全没出现过,从头到尾没有对此事做出任何解释和道歉。一个出尔反尔,背信弃义,言而无信,绞尽脑汁想出各种方法扭曲和掩盖事实,其中以必须做完所有的身体检查做为针灸治疗的条件,其实目的是要绞尽脑汁来推卸责任,拒以治疗。(***有证人,有凭有据)您的医师却是一位医者仁心的医师,让人敬佩不已。您还透过雨朦医师,说要采取法律行动对付我们,堂堂一个博士医师竟然如此仗势欺压人,把人家的身体害惨,非但没有医者仁心,还倒过来欺压人,真令人感到汗颜。(25/11)扪心自问,如此过分的所作所为,对得起自己的良心良知吗?将心比心,倘若你们的家人遇到像此事件,你们会有什么感受?原来医者父母心,医者仁心,不是每个医师都有。很可惜,所有被扭曲和掩盖的事实已经一一被破绽了,因为凡走过必留痕迹,乌云遮不住太阳,谎言终究会被揭穿,公正和公义必长存。待续。。。read more
John Liew Thor Hui
John Liew Thor Hui
To the... founder Dr Tan Hai Chyan, we are very disappointed with you and @NC TCM to resolved to misused the herbs by Dr Wu Ying Li (Your wife) to the patient Ms Cheah. What you have promised, and agreed treatment to us are not carried on. Your irresponsible reaction of rejected us to get the treatment by your staff Chin Yu Meng on 1 Dec 2023 is caused the patient condition turning to be more serious now. Stay tuned, we will taking the legal action to get full compensation from you inclusive all the related expenses, until the patient fully more
Cheamoi Su
Cheamoi Su
Alice Tang
Alice Tang
我因手腕骨折,上了一個半... 月的石膏,結果手腕好了,卻來了五十肩。朋友推薦誠德藝達的黎醫師,目前五十肩在三次的治療後,有顯著的改善,所以我會繼續我的療程。read more
Kon Tai Lee
Kon Tai Lee
郑炜锋医师,很好的医师,... 细心,也很有耐心的回答你的问题。read more
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Autumn YingAutumn Ying
01:35 21 May 23
A very great and professional TCM in JB area! Have been here for months and the doctor really solved our body problems! 🙏❤️
Lai FIbyLai FIby
13:21 14 May 23
Highly recommend 吴英丽医师if you looking for gynecologist, she is experienced and caring. The environment are clean and comfortable.
06:22 22 May 22
Professional Chinese's traditional medicine center .
Jiaying Ngew (Janelle)Jiaying Ngew (Janelle)
02:46 08 May 22
Great experience with TCM Adda Height. Friendly counter staffs and physicians. I received my first treatment from Dr Tan Guan Yu due to neck/muscle tense issue, she is indeed a patience and professional physician, she is great at acupuncture. My second visit, Dr Ricky is a rather competent and he is really great at manipulative therapy and he has given good advice in how to manage my muscle tension. Would definitely recommend both of them.
Christina OoiChristina Ooi
06:24 14 Mar 17
I went to this traditional Chinese medical centre for a few times since early Feb 2017 due to muscle sprain issues. I have a serious muscle injury that involve my both hands,my back and shoulder part. I can't even raise up my hands at that time.Finally , I received treatment from Dr Lee Jia Hong and he is indeed a professional physician. He is really good in manipulative therapy or what we so called tuina in Chinese. He got a great strength or energetic when he is doing the manipulative therapy. Not only this, he will always consider his patient's feeling by asking me whether I feel comfortable or not throughout the session. He tried to know my living styles, sleeping hours, what kinds of food taken and my emotion as well. He mentioned to me that these are the four main factors that influence one's health. Last but not least, he advised me to change my bad habits likes sleeping late, less exercise, no expose to sunlight and so on. I feel thankful to him from the deepest of my heart because he is not only healing me but also improves my living quality at the same time. I would like to give six stars to him instead of the maximum rating of five stars.
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Peiyun LeauPeiyun Leau
07:04 27 May 23
The lady at the front desk is kind and lovely ~ the doctor is knowledgeable and prescribes the right medicine, and the problem of low back pain and elbow problem has been solved
Xiuching LingXiuching Ling
02:05 04 Aug 22
It feels like the doctor just came out, and he didn’t say anything when he saw the doctor. He asked a perfunctory answer and the price is expensive.Not recommended
WS CheongWS Cheong
07:28 10 Jul 22
Very professional Chinese medicine treatment, worth recommending
Mari DezMari Dez
12:31 24 Jul 21
their fees are much higher than others and the doctor acts like a kid couldn't ask more questions, he will feel offence about you're not trusting him, GOOD LUCK FOR YOU 🙃🙃🙃
Grace TanGrace Tan
00:47 14 Mar 20
Very friendly doctor~ reasonable price.
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Ne Chialing (KarinNe)Ne Chialing (KarinNe)
06:42 05 Jun 22
Dr. Zheng Jintong was very patient and friendly. He answered my questions seriously and gave many suggestions.
08:47 15 May 22
The doctor is very good and asks very detailed questions.After it was done, it was indeed a lot more comfortable.

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