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TCM treatment Center


Our physicians are certified TCM practitioners with years of clinical experiences and our TCM medical service covers from internal medicine, common illness, acupuncture, to various speciality medical cares. 
Using our proprietary mobile app, our patients can make a reservation and check waiting time with ease and obtain our promotion and news instantaneously.

​Our treatment centre also provides a variety of medicine type for our patients to cater to their needs and lifestyle. Apart from traditional herbs and concentrated herbal extracts, our centre also heavily invests in TCM herbs processing equipment in order to provide herbs decoction service for our patients. Our decocted herbs are vacuum packed to ensure its freshness and uncompromised quality and if required, we could even make delivery service to your doorstep.


Premium Herbal Store


Our TCM pharmacists and nutritionists play an utmost important role in safeguarding the quality of our products.  We only sell genuine TCM herbs, instant herbal tea, soup mixtures and health supplement that passed our pharmacists and nutritionists stringent QC and verification process.  On top of the QC role, our pharmacists and nutritionists also provide our community various knowledge about herbs usage and health supplement information.


Wellness Edcuation Centre


​Our team comprises of physicians with years of clinical experiences and university lecturers, and it is our belief that education and holistic treatments have to work together to improve our community health.
Therefore, in addition to the treatments we provide, we devote ourselves to organize various health and wellness seminars as well as courses to spread the knowledge of TCM and holistic wellness.

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