Peiyun LeauPeiyun Leau
07:04 27 May 23
The lady at the front desk is kind and lovely ~ the doctor is knowledgeable and prescribes the right medicine, and the problem of low back pain and elbow problem has been solved
Xiuching LingXiuching Ling
02:05 04 Aug 22
It feels like the doctor just came out, and he didn’t say anything when he saw the doctor. He asked a perfunctory answer and the price is expensive.Not recommended
WS CheongWS Cheong
07:28 10 Jul 22
Very professional Chinese medicine treatment, worth recommending
Mari DezMari Dez
12:31 24 Jul 21
their fees are much higher than others and the doctor acts like a kid couldn't ask more questions, he will feel offence about you're not trusting him, GOOD LUCK FOR YOU 🙃🙃🙃
Grace TanGrace Tan
00:47 14 Mar 20
Very friendly doctor~ reasonable price.
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