Autumn YingAutumn Ying
01:35 21 May 23
A very great and professional TCM in JB area! Have been here for months and the doctor really solved our body problems! 🙏❤️
Lai FIbyLai FIby
13:21 14 May 23
Highly recommend 吴英丽医师if you looking for gynecologist, she is experienced and caring. The environment are clean and comfortable.
06:22 22 May 22
Professional Chinese's traditional medicine center .
Jiaying Ngew (Janelle)Jiaying Ngew (Janelle)
02:46 08 May 22
Great experience with TCM Adda Height. Friendly counter staffs and physicians. I received my first treatment from Dr Tan Guan Yu due to neck/muscle tense issue, she is indeed a patience and professional physician, she is great at acupuncture. My second visit, Dr Ricky is a rather competent and he is really great at manipulative therapy and he has given good advice in how to manage my muscle tension. Would definitely recommend both of them.
Christina OoiChristina Ooi
06:24 14 Mar 17
I went to this traditional Chinese medical centre for a few times since early Feb 2017 due to muscle sprain issues. I have a serious muscle injury that involve my both hands,my back and shoulder part. I can't even raise up my hands at that time.Finally , I received treatment from Dr Lee Jia Hong and he is indeed a professional physician. He is really good in manipulative therapy or what we so called tuina in Chinese. He got a great strength or energetic when he is doing the manipulative therapy. Not only this, he will always consider his patient's feeling by asking me whether I feel comfortable or not throughout the session. He tried to know my living styles, sleeping hours, what kinds of food taken and my emotion as well. He mentioned to me that these are the four main factors that influence one's health. Last but not least, he advised me to change my bad habits likes sleeping late, less exercise, no expose to sunlight and so on. I feel thankful to him from the deepest of my heart because he is not only healing me but also improves my living quality at the same time. I would like to give six stars to him instead of the maximum rating of five stars.
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