Nourishing Tea

  • 妈咪解渴茶
  • 妈咪通乳茶
  • 桂圆红枣茶
  • 黑豆杜仲茶
  • 健胃炒米茶

【30 days of postnatal confinement nourishing tea】
(Five kinds of tea serve different functions)

  • 1st : To quench your thirst
  • 2nd : To promote lactation
  • 3rd : To replenish and nourish blood
  • 4th : To support your back, strengthen your waist
  • 5th : To improve digestive system
Wash all the herbs. Place all herbs in a soup pot with 1.5~2L water and bring to a boil, cook for 30min~1 hour under low heat. Store the tea in a thermal pot to keep it warm throughout the day.
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